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Cixi Wengu Foreign Language School (WFLS) is a private Chinese school with an international vision. Located at 909, Youth Palace North Road, the school is adjacent to the Cixi City Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The permanent school buildings are currently under construction, and it is anticipated they will be completed by September 2019. In the meantime, the school is using excellent facilities in the adjacent Kindergarten.
/The future campus/
The school will include two large multi-storey teaching buildings, a dormitory building, a gymnasium, a dinning hall and an underground car park.

teaching building

dormitory building


Dinning Hall

car park

Rich and varied program of extension courses

The school follows the Chinese National Curriculum, but also provides the children with daily English lessons and a rich and varied program of extension courses, such as Drama, Roller Skating, Cubelets etc.

Roller Skating
From Monday – Friday some students live in a dormitory,where there is an assistant teacher to look after them and the accommodation is warm and comfortable.
Weekly Boarding School

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More projects
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